Interfinish is equipped with modern machinery and equipment and is a leading company in its sector, as far as quality is concerned. 
Precision mechanical machinings and large batch mechanical machinings carried out with numerical control machine tools; designing is carried out with the help of CAD and CAM.
Numerical control milling and boring, turning, center-type grinding and so on…

- These are our maximum working dimensions 
As to turning, our Company deals with dimensions ranging to a maximum of 5000 mm. As to milling and boring, our Company deals both with large items (ranging to a maximum of 4000 mm) and with medium-small items (when it comes to large batch series).

- These are the materials Interfinish deals with:
Steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, plastics and so on.
Our staff is highly skilled and trained and have gained versatile work experience.

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